The use of stainless steel tableware should pay attention to what problem at home?


The advantages of stainless steel tableware are easy to clean, not broken, and durable. So every family has some stainless steel tableware. But when we use stainless steel tableware, there are some problems that we need to pay attention to. There may be many friends who are not clear about it. Let's get to know it.

How to use stainless steel tableware?

Problem 1: for convenience, some friends will use stainless steel thermos cup to hold carbonated drinks. But this is not appropriate. Because the acid contained in carbonated drinks will react with stainless steel. Stainless steel will release some substances that are not good for our health. It's bad for our health to use stainless steel thermos cup to pack carbonated drinks.

And often use stainless steel thermos cup to hold carbonated drinks, but also make stainless steel thermos cup rusty. It directly affects the service life of the thermos cup.

Problem 2: salt, peanut oil, soy sauce and white vinegar often used in the kitchen should not be stored in stainless steel tableware for a long time. Because these condiments are easy to react with the metal elements of stainless steel and dissolve some substances that pollute food. Of course, except for stainless steel tableware marked with condiments.

Problem 3: in the process of using stainless steel tableware, we should also pay attention not to burn stainless steel tableware empty. Do not put stainless steel tableware into the microwave oven heating, because both methods will shorten the service life of stainless steel tableware.

Question 4: cleaning stainless steel tableware is also fastidious, do not use baking soda or edible soda to clean. Because the alkalinity of these two things is relatively stronger. It is easy to corrode stainless steel tableware. We just need to use ordinary detergent to clean it.